Thursday, July 26, 2012

just one of those days

Yup, today is one of those days. The weather is icky, I'm sick of the whole moving thing (and I haven't even moved yet!), and it's just the summer doldrums. We'll just have to get through it one sweltering day at a time...until fall - cool, blissful fall - gives us all some relief...

Here are some things keeping me sane until then:

1. an absurdly cute keychain  
2. a new planner (I still love writing things down even though I own an iPhone and an iPad) [similar]
3. halo-halo - a Filipino dessert of shaved ice, milk, ice cream, and various fruit and jellies
4. ON cheap oversized butterfly sunglasses (cheap enough that I won't feel bad if I lose them) [similar]

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