Thursday, October 4, 2012


After surveying my bag collection, I realized that I didn't have a single,  small lady-like bag. My lifestyle demands that I carry a little bit more so most of my bags are satchels or hobo-esque shoulder bags, often with the option of a longer strap. When I do get the change to carry less, I go to the opposite extreme and opt for miniature clutches or small cross-bodies. But a true lady-like structured handbag - bigger than a clutch but smaller than a shoulder bag -, I just didn't have...until my new Edie purse arrived today.
The blue is rich and saturated, the minimal metal accents are perfect, and the structure is exactly what my closet was missing. The best part? The length of the shoulder strap (not shown) - it's long enough to be worn on one's shoulder but not long enough to drag on the ground should one choose to carry the bag on the arm instead. Alternatively, it can also be detached from the bag itself for a handbag option.

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