Monday, October 15, 2012

red tips

There are some "holy grail" items that are so basic and classic yet seem impossible to find: i.e. the perfect red lipstick, the perfect pencil skirt, the perfect silk blouse, the perfect black bag, etc., etc., etc. 

Before yesterday, I had found only one of those hard-to-find perfect-for-me classics: my perfect matte red lipstick is NARS Cruella. Yesterday, I found my perfect red nailpolish: OPI Kennebunk-port. It's just dark enough to satisfy my tendency to pick moody/vampy colors, yet red enough to still show through as red without venturing into undertones of brown. Plus, it's a little infusion of color that's still work appropriate. Win-win.  Now if I could find a silk blouse that's petite and busty friendly...

What are some of your "holy grail" products?

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