Thursday, August 23, 2012

closet: things forgotten (Zara glitter pumps)

I bought these navy pumps from the Zara on Newbury Street on my annual trip to Boston where the boyfriend is from 2 Thanksgivings ago. They were having a sale, so these babies came home with me for the sticker price of $39.99 flat, since Boston has no sales tax on clothes or shoes up to $125 (needless to say, going to Boston is dangerous for me). It was during the holidays, and I fooled myself into thinking that they would be perfect for New Year's Eve celebrations, completely forgetting that at 4", a) they would probably be completely impractical for the black ice-laden sidewalks of Chicago and b) even without ice, my comfort level and ability to walk in heels go down exponentially with anything above 3.5" if there's no platform or other saving grace. I didn't wear them to New Year's, I didn't wear them to Valentine's Day dinner, I didn't wear them to our anniversary dinner in September, the boyfriend's birthday dinner in October, my birthday in November, or any other festive occasion in the past two years. Not. once.

If this trend continues to endure through the end of this year, they will have to be donated or sold. Hopefully, these will show up as part of an outfit ASAP.

What are some forgotten things in your closet?

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