Friday, August 17, 2012

end of radio silence

Since I took 16 days to move and move-in, it's needless to say that our move was a little bit rougher than we anticipated.

The move went okay...the movers were an hour and 15 minutes late, but once they came, they had us moved out and moved in in less than 3 hours. Nothing was broken except for an unfortunate delicate IKEA table lamp that the boyfriend wasn't fond of anyway.

But then the unpacking was interminable...compounded by my chest infection (woke up having a hard time breathing to have the doctor tell me I was breathing at 60% capacity) and that our living room wall is a load-bearing one, delaying our plans to hang our art until we find proper screws and hooks.

But now, it's all done. I love my little "corner office" and my jury-rigged vanity (dresser + huge square mirror bought at Home Goods for $15). Every time I walk into our bedroom, I get a huge smile just seeing them.

Here are some snapshots of our new home:

A darling little candle holder found at TJ Maxx that's currently on our coffee table

Our living room

A little corner of my vanity. The owl and little jewelry box are from Anthro. The tray is from The Container Store.

I'm a little obsessed with fine-point pens.

My corner of our bedroom. Lamp, file organizer, shelving unit, chair, table, and art from IKEA.

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