Tuesday, August 21, 2012

a little bit of me: sisters

My sister and I are over 6 years apart. When we were younger, we weren't the closest of friends. After all, when I was 12, she was 6; when I was 16 and driving, she was 10 and had just gotten over Barbies. We have two distinct personalities. Typical of the eldest (and specifically, Asian) child, I am much more reserved and quiet while my sister has always been gregarious and extroverted. When we were growing up and my parents would bring us to dinner parties hosted by innumerable Filipino friends/churches, I would always bring a book and promptly find a corner to read it in, while my sister would make friends in 5 minutes and end up singing a tune for everybody (she has a wonderful voice). 

Although we weren't always close, I tried very hard to make sure that I looked out for her and that she knew I was a shoulder she could lean on. I wanted to be an example for her, to show her what's what and to teach her about mistakes I've made so she can avoid those in the future. When I went away to college, we became closer. I think that's partly because we were finally at respective ages where we could somehow relate (my 18 to her 12), and partly because I wasn't home every day like I'd been previously and that separation brought us together. 

My sister got her first summer job this summer. I remember when I got my first summer job and how I quickly thought of all the ways I could spend my own money. The minute she started working, she told me, "Ate, as soon as I get a real job, I'm going to buy you so many things because you always got me so many things even when you didn't have that much money. Ate is the Tagalog word for "older sister".  What she said touched me, not so much because I was excited at the prospect of gifts but because it validated the fact that she knew I cared, even when we weren't as close as we are now. 

She visited me this weekend, and while we are at Target on a nail polish run, I saw the shoes above and fell in love. Target heels are hit or miss for me, but these were definitely a hit with the substantial but practical heel (3") and an animal print that looks more expensive that it is. I've been really considering and reconsidering all of my purchases, so after trying them on and exclaiming how cute they were, I placed them back on the shelf. Then KC offered to get them for me.  After making sure she could really afford to get them for me (once an older sister, always an older sister), I said yes.

So, these babies are now mine, and I love them even more because my little sister gifted them to me.
Thanks, Kace!

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