Friday, September 7, 2012

art deco

I braved Fashion's Night Out on Michigan Avenue last night to make some returns: the Gap oxblood jacket, the BR burgundy panama hat,the Zara flats, and the red biennial satchel, painter tee, and peach cabochon necklace all from J. Crew, all seen in this post. The jacket was too broad in the shoulders, and I realized that I wouldn't wear the hat enough to justify the cost, no matter how much I got it on sale. The Zara flats were half a size too big, not-yet-in-stores (I bought them online), and just didn't seem worth the price. The biennial satchel was a lovely red color, but it was too big, even with my love for big bags. I felt like I should be going on an overnight trip every time I carried it. Plus, it came out of the box smelling foul, as though the leather coloring process had gone awry. The painter tee was a boatneck, and predictably made me look even bustier than I already am. I know boatnecks will do this for me, but I have to try (and fail) and try (and fail) anyway. The peach cabochon necklace wasn't exactly a return - the boyfriend had bought it for me as an early anniversary gift, but then it went on sale for an extra 30% off online the day after we bought it in store, so I returned the in-store one and am awaiting my package in the mail. 

And while I was mostly good last night with returning and not purchasing, I succumbed to temptation at J.Crew, as is often the case. I saw this necklace on the display and had to try it on. I did, had them ring it up, and wore it out of the store. 

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