Tuesday, September 4, 2012

recent purchases (Labor Day weekend)

polyvore set here

one: J. Crew Sydney sandal  // two: Gap striped cardigan
three: J. Crew cabochon fan necklace in peach
four: BR Jenna pump // five: J. Crew painter boatneck striped tee  // six: J. Crew cafe capri 
seven: Gap academy blazer // eight: Cole Haan Victoria tote 
nine: Zara cowboy ballerinas // ten: BR Jocelyn wedge 
eleven: J. Crew factory shorts // twelve: J. Crew factory heart sweater
thirteen: J. Crew biennial satchel // fourteen: Shoemint sandal  // fifteen: BR panama hat 
sixteen: Garance Dore for Kate Spade iPhone case

I went a little crazy this Labor Day weekend. On the downside, my wallet is a lot lighter. On the upside, my closet is ready for fall, and then some. All items listed above were purchased for a minimum of 30% off the regular price, except for the Zara flats. Oftentimes, discounts were combined whenever possible. I'll probably return some items (a pair or two of shoes, one of the bags, maybe the hat) after I really assess what I need, but all the above was less than $750. I'd like to get that number down to $500.00. (I'm not counting the necklace and the Shoemint shoes since they were gifts from the boyfriend.)

I don't usually spend this much money, but fall is always when I add the most to my closet, and aside from the $120 spent in August, I really haven't gotten shopping since back in March, and I don't anticipate that I'll want or need to go shopping again until the holidays. 

What are recent additions in your closet?

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