Thursday, November 1, 2012

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lip balms

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When the weather gets cold and the wind starts biting, my skin quickly takes a beating. I'll talk about my other winter essentials for skin, fluids, etc. in upcoming posts, but first things first: lip care. 

Some of my favorites:

Softlips are my favorite drugstore brand of lip balm. They come in a handful of varieties and scents (vanilla is my favorite), have SPF, and I like the sleek packaging (even though I lose these immediately it seems perhaps because of it - I just buy them in packs!). 

I also really love Jack Black Intense Therapy lip balm. These also have SPF and come in several different scents/flavors, but I exclusively use the natural mint & shea butter. Bonus: my boyfriend appreciates the masculine packaging. Jack Black also makes a whole line of men's grooming products. My boyfriend has tried the after shave and liked it. The balm and other products are readily available at Sephora. 

I discovered Korres lip butter and the Korres line in general when I was looking for sensitive skin-friendly makeup for my sister. She loved their eyeliner and eyeshadow that didn't break her out, and I loved their lip butter. I get it in "jasmine" (pictured). I don't think the scent necessarily reminds me of the flower, but I appreciate the subtle scent, creamy texture, and how it can also double as a gloss since it has a little bit of a sheen. 

Every night before I go to sleep, I use Fresh Sugar Advanced Therapy. I love the whole Fresh Sugar line in general, but the Advanced Therapy works wonders on my lips when they're really banged up. I put some on my lips at night, and I see a huge improvement in the morning. The lemon scent is also a plus for me, but it's strong, so not everyone may like it. I've also heard good things about their lip scrub, but I haven't tried it out. I left out mentioning a lip scrub because I haven't found a favorite yet . 

Any suggestions for good lip scrubs? What are some of your favorite lip balms? How do you take care of your lips?

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