Friday, November 2, 2012

sweater love (tippi)

Tippi Sweater

polyvore set here

It seems like everyone has that one thing they go specifically to J.Crew for. For my blessedly tall friends, it's for their extended lengths on jeans; for my boyfriend, it's for their retro sneakers through their In Good Company branding. For me, it's for their sweaters. The sweater to end all sweaters for me is the Tippi.

It shouldn't be a holy grail item, right? It's a basic crewneck, a style that every retailer at every price point carries. But isn't it true that sometimes the most basic perfect items are the hardest to find? Sometimes the cut is right but the quality's lacking. Other times, the quality's there but there's one detail that's off - you don't like where the shoulder placement is, the way the sides flare, or the type of buttons (or lack thereof). I am very short (4'11") and very busty (38DD), so for me, finding tops that fit right is all sorts of impossible. If the chest area fits me fine, my waistline is swimming. Everything else could be perfect except for the sleeves that are completely covering up my hands because of my very short arms. And so on and so on. I passed by the Tippi numerous times over my visits into J.Crew. I don't usually do crewnecks as they tend to make me look more busty than I already am, but a month ago, I picked up a few to try on on my way to the dressing room since I was tired of v-necks, as flattering as they may be.

It was love at first fitting. I love the soft but durable merino, the classic crewneck that's not too high, the ribbed hems, the 3/4 sleeves. Bonus: it comes in every color under the sun, in cashmere and in merino. I now own 8 of them: 1 polka dot, 1 cashmere, 6 solids. They are relatively pricey ($79.50 regular price), but I was able to scoop them up when they were marked down and an extra 25% off of all sweaters and I used my student discount on top of that. I bought seven of the eight sweaters for no more than $28 apiece.

I've regretted countless other purchases, but I haven't regretted these one bit. They have become staples in my wardrobe, as they can be dressed up or down, worn on their own or as a layering piece. I'm eyeing the dark poppy and garland (pine green) ones above.

Have you tried the Tippi sweater? Do you also share in Tippi love?

P.S. I recently discovered the oversized merino pocket sweater, also from J.Crew, as I mentioned in this post. A slouchy but still polished uber-comfy v-neck sweater in merino wool with pockets? Yes, please.  It's the exact opposite in terms of fit from the Tippi, but equally as versatile.

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