Monday, June 10, 2013

back to reality

Whew. The weekend was lovely and full of love, laughter, food, alcohol, and fun. Now it's back to reality. My feet are so tender from all the dancing and walking, I have bags under my eyes from lack of sleep, I have no clue where half my things are, but it was all worth it. Your best friend from high school only gets married once! Congrats to Reg & Paul!

How was your weekend? 

P.S. I was so in love with my makeup for the wedding. I had false lashes added (first time!), and I must say, they're a revelation. Any recommendations on a good brand of falsies for a newbie like me?


  1. Ohh I love your eye make up!! Sorry I don't know much about false eye lashes, but they look great on you!! Did you decide on which clutch to bring to the wedding? I would love to see the entire ensemble if you took any pictures!! :)

    Sunny with A Side of...

    1. I did...I went with a silver/gold one for a little metallic. I'll see if I can find some pictures (funny how you take pictures all day and none of them come home with you!).


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