Thursday, June 13, 2013

playoff hockey will be the death of me...

 In case you're not into sports and don't know, my hometown Chicago Blackhawks are in the Stanley Cup Finals against the Boston Bruins. Yup, the Bruins, from Boston...where James is from. Needless to say, watching the game last night was an awkward place for both of us. Whereas we've been cheering for our teams together this entire post-season, that became impossible last night. Our living room was eerily silent, save for simultaneous exclamations of "Get the $%&?-ing puck out of there!" (James/me) and "Go to the $!%&-ing net!" (me/James). Things got more tense as my third period elation as the Hawks tied it up at 3-3 gave way to the anxiety of overtime to the double anxiety of double overtime to the downright exhaustion of triple overtime. I'm half torn between the exhiliration of watching truly amazing hockey played by two teams I respect and the sheer stress of the possibility of every game being like this.

Playoff hockey is bar-none, the best playoffs in sports. It may very well be the death of me, but I'm too tired and happy to care... :).

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