Wednesday, June 12, 2013

gift guide: father's day

gift guide: father's day


My dad is a really hard person to shop for. While I am too often tempted by something new, he doesn't go shopping unless he really needs something, and while he may admire or want something, he often doesn't have the compulsion to actually buy anything. When the women in my family do get him something for his birthday, Christmas, or Father's Day, he often says we should have just saved our money instead of spending anything on him, which makes me want to give him more things because he always puts our needs before his. I'm definitely getting him a card, but I haven't figured out an actual present. Perhaps a nice dinner or a DVD set of a tv show he loves but no longer airs. In the meantime, here's a little guide of sorts for those of you who are in need of ideas for Dad.

one ||  for the dad who always gets caught in the rain. the black is sleek, while the bamboo handle gives it a dapper touch.

two || for the dad who loves his toys. if you're splurging, go for the tablet; for a little accessory, go for the case (in monogrammable leather).

three || don't forget the card. if you think of nothing else to give, give him the words that tell him exactly how much he matters.

four || for the dad who loves the water (and comfort). the navy is as classic as it gets.

five || for the dad who loves steak, a good set of steak knives is a must (as is a good steak).

six || for the dad who's a caffeine junkie. easy and convenient, he can have his cup of joe in minutes.

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