Wednesday, February 20, 2013

can we talk about...

...the Art Institute of Chicago?

I've lived in Chicago since I was six years old, and I do consider it my American hometown. I love its big city sophistication with its small city charm and super friendly people. We midwesterners shoot it to you straight, and I appreciate the simple honesty in that. In addition to the amazing people, Chicago has tons of amazing places to visit, one of which is the Art Institute.

In addition to being a school, the AIC is also an art museum. I've visited numerous times, and I haven't come close to seeing everything. Every time I visit, I give myself at least four hours to do the visit justice. As you can see from the picture above, the museum is grand with such beautiful architecture that truly rivals the art it showcases. It's always lovely to see surroundings reflect and enhance the contents on display. 

While I usually make it a point to see this painting and this painting every time I visit, I specifically wanted to see a new exhibit on Greek, Roman, and Byzantine art and didn't visit those paintings this time around. Even so, there was so much to see, and I felt compelled to take some pictures to share.

On our way back from the exhibit, I was drawn to this Buddha sculpture...

...and this sculpture on the west side of the Grand Staircase.

I am always incredibly impressed by art, in all forms. As someone whose drawing skills begin and end with stick figures, I am incredibly fascinated by such vivid works of art, be it an incredibly ornate Bible, an ancient necklace, or great sculptures that are imbued with such minute details that I forget they're made of stone and I really do feel the Buddha's sense of peace and the strain of muscle as man fights lion. 

On a silly note, we each snuck pictures of each other!

 If you're ever in the Windy City, stop by and see the Art Institute. It's totally worth it!

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