Monday, February 25, 2013

wishing for spring

wishing for spring


Looking through Madewell's online store has me wishing for spring twice as hard. It has been my go-to place for cute, reasonably inexpensive shoes every since I bought my first pair of their famous skimmers this past Thanksgiving. 

On a semi-related note, taking a break from shopping has really allowed me to take inventory of what I need in my closet, namely:

1. black leather boots that can be dressed up or down (I have super dressy leather ones and semi-casual suede ones and nothing in between)

2. a pair of brogues (in this color, they'd go with everything)

3. an easy-as-pie dress (or two, for the days when my coordination skills are seriously lacking)

4. wear-them-every-day sandals (this or this...or both?)

5. animal print skimmers (because leopard is a neutral...wink)

6. cute caps (good for my eyes and my inner fashionista)

I'll keep these in mind and try to cross off the list as the year goes on. 

I love the See by Chloe dress, but at $275, it's out of my budget, so I'll either wait for it to go on super sale (fingers crossed!) or try to find something similar. I've also decided that for the spring/summer, I wanted one simple, adorable, flat sandal for everyday and one dressier yet season-appropriate pair of sandals. I'm debating between the Madewell ones above and this one. As for the dressier pair, this pair has stolen my heart. 

In addition to the two pairs of shoes, my spring/summer wishlist rounds out as follows:

1. Aviator sunglasses

2. white shorts

3. white jeans

4. white t-shirts (see a trend?)

5. a big umbrella

6. rain boots

7. summer scent

8. bright bag

Now, if only spring would actually come...

Do you have spring fever? What have you been eyeing?

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