Friday, March 29, 2013

this weekend

This Sunday is Easter, so I'm looking forward to a great Sunday with my family. Here's to resurrection in all forms (you, too, Spring!).

Here's what I'm checking out this weekend:

Watchathon Week is currently going on for Comcast cable customers, so I'm taking this opportunity to have a Girls marathon. I've heard/seen/read so many reactions (including the Man Repeller's) to it that I'd like to see what it's really all about. In the meantime, want to give me your take?

I've been on a necklace kick lately, and I've now turned my eyes to this one

I've been on a white sneakers kick for years now, and you can't go wrong with the classic.

Everyone needs a yellow polka dot bikini (it's sexy and adorable).

Like I said, I can't wait to visit Brazil, and this article has me intrigued about Sao Paulo.

To those who celebrate, have a blessed and happy Easter! 
Have a great weekend, everybody.

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