Tuesday, April 2, 2013

lip service

lip service


 I find that as the days get sunnier and warmer, my makeup becomes brighter and more colorful but lighter. Some (tinted) moisturizer with spf, mascara, a little bit of concealer, and a swipe of color or sheen on the lips is my summer beauty routine - fast, easy, and carefree, as summer should be. After all, when the weather's that nice, who wants to spend ages on makeup? 

These are the lip products I have tried and tested in anticipation of spring/summer, and I must say, I'm hooked on all of them. For an oh-so-natural lip, I turn to Clarins Instant Light lip perfectors. Not sticky with just the right amount of my-lips-but-better color and a scent to die for, they've quickly become a must-have. Another barely-there option that I love is the Tarte Lipsurgence Skintuitive Lip Tint. The product looks petal pink in the tube but on my lips, the color turns to the loveliest flush of pink, thanks to its "personalized color" properties. I don't know the actual science behind it (I think it has something to do with pH?), but I'm loving the results. Plus, it's conditioning, and the tube twists up, so no sharpening required. 

For a little more color, I've been alternating between the Clinique Chubby Sticks Intense and the Color Whisper tubes from Maybelline. So many shades to choose from for both, but the good news is both of these products are friendlier on the wallet (the Maybelline especially at ~$6 a pop), so I picked up a couple of shades. They both have decent color payoff without the feeling that you're wearing a heavy layer. Most of the time, I forget I'm wearing anything.

And for the beauty spurge, I've been loving YSL for so many things lately. In addition to their Shocking mascara, I've become obsessed with their Rouge Volupte lines. The silver tube is the Sheer Candy version, while the gold tube is the Shine version. The sheer candy line is more of a balm, while the shine line is more of a glossy lipstick. Both come in hefty, gorgeous packaging and lightly smell of mangoes. Since the sheer candy is more of a balm, the staying power is pretty short (1-2 hours) but it does hydrate my lips upon application. The shine version is great for the gloss-over-lipstick look without the mess. If I want the most color, I go for the Rouge Pur Couture glossy stain. It applies like a non-sticky liquid gloss and dries down eventually to a semi-matte lip color over time. I was impressed by how this didn't budge on me for over five hours (there was only the faintest of transfers when I was drinking/eating). 

What's your summer beauty routine? What are some lip products you've been loving? Please do tell. :)

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