Thursday, July 11, 2013




 There's something so elegant and effortless about dainty jewelry. I love statement necklaces as much as the next girl, but thin, delicate necklaces seem so much more intimate. They're like little, subtle clues about who you are at your most basic. I find that when I want to feel the most natural, I reach for simple chains, bracelets, and rings. 

star necklace || solitaire (have it in the rose gold and love it) || heart.beat necklace || bangle 

snake ring || nail ring || bracelet || pave bar necklace (newest favorite)


  1. Sweet pieces! They are tiny pieces of joy.

    Cee. ♥
    Code Overdressed

  2. lately i've been really into hexagons, my eyes went straight for that honeycomb bracelet!
    Chic on the Cheap


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