Tuesday, July 16, 2013

we're moving!

Our lease is up next month, and we decided to go ahead and move into a 2 bedroom apartment. The rent difference is negligible since our current rent was going to increase anyway, and our college friend will be occupying the second bedroom and contributing to the rent. While the extra space afforded by the second bedroom won't be a benefit to us, the common living space is lovely and makes use of the space much more efficiently than our current living room. We don't lose that much space when it comes to our own bedroom either. It's not Carrie Bradshaw's apartment by any means, but it's cozy and warm. I'll have to share pictures once we're all moved in later in August.

Now that it's 100% confirmed that we're moving, I've started to compile a list of things to get for the new apartment. I've started with getting more artwork since there's greater wall space in the new place. We stopped by IKEA over the weekend to get an idea of what's available, and here's what I've earmarked:
We're in need of an art piece to hang over our dining/all-purpose table (the table will be up against a wall). Since most of our furniture follows a white/grey/black/navy theme, I wanted something with a pop of color. James really likes the flower-esque piece on the right, while I'm leaning towards the Matisse.

One nice feature of the new place is a little foyer/entrance hall. We already have the Matisse sketch in our little hallway and when we saw the Picasso at IKEA, we figured they'd be along the same theme - clean, minimal, and a little quirky.

We were thinking of using the hallway leading from the living room to the bedrooms as the  feature wall for our diplomas. While all of our artwork is currently more along black and white with a little color here and there, our diplomas are in rich wood frames. They seemed to match the actual diplomas better than a more modern, black frame. This Da Vinci piece would be a nice way to bridge the old world feel of our diploma frames with the more modern pieces we already have. In addition, I think it has an academic touch - as biology (me) and history majors (James and our college friend), the Vitruvian man is a great image that speaks to all three of us. 

I'm completely using my executive girl power to make the decision to infuse some glamour into the bathroom. I want it to feel a little bit like an escape, if only for my morning shower. It certainly doesn't need to be sterile and boring. I love the 3-D whimsy of these butterfly prints from IKEA, and I think it's just enough of an artistic touch without going overboard or making the guys feel awkward.

And lastly, our bedroom. Since our new bedroom will be slightly smaller lengthwise, we're moving the table we currently have into the living room as our dining/multipurpose table. I'm taking advantage of the rearrangement to create a little oasis in our room. I want it to be romantic but still clean and peaceful. We already have this print in our room, and I think the flower print and the love print will work nicely. I am in love with the love print, especially the little definitions in the corner (the poster doesn't have the print twice - I just magnified it so it shows up better). I think I'll get it in a smaller size and just have it leaning  against the wall on a little table. 

Happy Tuesday!

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