Friday, July 19, 2013

good things

Happy Friday, everybody!

On my way into work, I made a particularly tight right turn. Just as I thought I was coming out of the turn free and clear, I hit the back fender of the pickup truck that was parked in the tow zone (which was why that right turn was so hard). As I parked a couple feet down from the truck, I started giving myself a lecture about how stupid it was to think I could make it, why didn't I just wait, why didn't I just go around to find another spot, etc., etc. The man who owned the vehicle asked for my information, so I started to open my glove compartment to find my insurance card and registration. Then suddenly, the man came up to me and said, "You know what, sweetheart? I'm not going to report it. I'm not worried about a little scratch on my back guard. You just be careful." And just like that, he got in his vehicle and drove away. 

I just sat in my passenger seat, my insurance card still in hand, and just sat there for a second. It was a small scratch, the body of the truck wasn't hurt, just the plastic guard practically designed for mishaps like mine, but that man didn't have to not report it. He didn't have to give me a pass, he didn't have to be gracious. Just when you think that everyone's out there for him/herself, people do things - like forgive you for hitting their car - that remind you to be a little less cynical and a little bit more amazed at how good things - no matter how big or small - are good things, and that they happen, if not all the time, more often than we think.

Wishing you all a weekend full of good things, big or small.

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