Wednesday, January 30, 2013

blue jeans baby

Taking a recent inventory of my closet, I realize I am sadly lacking in the jeans department. I only had a handful of jeans to start with, and all of them were either the wrong size, of very poor quality, generally ill-fitting, or all of the above, save for one white pair I found at H&M and one black pair I found at Banana Republic (and never found again). 

I've never had very good luck with jeans - I'm 4'11, curvy, with a short torso and even shorter, very athletic legs. I never really found a pair that accounted for all of that, so I think I just waved the white flag and moved on, until now. Nothing is quite as versatile or as cool as blue jeans, and I'd like to get a handful of really good pairs of various styles (straight, skinny, and bootcut. Flares are not my friend.). I currently have one pair of skinny jeans in my closet: Gap's 1969 legging jean in indigo rinse. I love that Gap offers it in the ankle length, which on me is that perfect "scrunched" length. I am flirting with the idea of just ordering 2 more of this style, but I thought I'd ask for a little back-up first.

Do you have any jeans you swear by that I should give a try? Please do let me know!

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