Wednesday, January 23, 2013

ring, ring

Rings are a great accessory, whether it's a fantastic statement-making cocktail ring or a thin, delicate band, stacked or by itself.  I tend to favor the more delicate pieces for my day-to-day, but a bold ring is my go-to piece of jewelry for a night out. 

left to right: BR (old), BR (old), Forever21 (old)

pink: thrifted; blue: BR (old); white: Nordstrom Rack (old)

orange: from Pakistan, gifted; silver: Nordstrom Rack (old); turquoise: Forever21 (semi-recent)

my top two: my first Christmas present from my guy in 2008, my engagement ring

Do you favor statement cocktail rings or more delicate pieces?

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  1. So that's what those bunnies were for! Also Li e the dual rings makes me look good


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