Thursday, January 17, 2013

way to go, Coach!

Is it just me, or has Coach upped its game lately? I've always been a fan of they're classic aesthetic highlighted by their supple yet durable leathers. I still have a classic, all-leather bag I received from my mother for my 20th birthday. It's Americana at its refined, minimalist best. But I was turned off for awhile when Coach began coming out with questionably bedazzled designs. The brand's clean lines had been replaced by a riot of chunky Cs and less-than-stellar textiles. I'm so glad to see it come back to its old glory with timeless designs in modern colors for a really nice blend of traditional meets modern. For the craftsmanship, design, and quality of materials, the prices are more accessible than similar brands who offer the same services but at considerably higher price points. 

I want the entire look above - the bag, the shoes, the short trench

Other designs that have caught my eye:

And for my guy:

Has Coach been catching your eye lately?

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  1. Coach will have a lot of trouble attracting guy clients. That's ok though, pictures if Juliette please!


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