Friday, January 25, 2013

I love...

...chambray + leopard. It's the perfect mix of laid-back masculinity with sexy, strong femininity.

 ...bright workspaces with clean lines, great organization, and pops of color. I'd be so productive in that office.
...simple watches with no numeric markers. I have a soft spot for watches. They're a piece of jewelry that's so functional and so versatile - you can choose to make a statement and be discreet all through one piece and the color/material/size you chose. + bagoong. Growing up in the Philippines, this was my after-school-snack In addition to the fact that it totally satisfies my incessant salt cravings every time, it brings back good memories of my aunt bringing me to and from school. Isn't it funny how food is just about taste and nutrition as it is about the memories it evokes? and white photos/Paul Newman + Joanne Woodward. Two loves in one photo. There's something about black and white photos that evoke a certain sense of transparency in an image, as if choosing to forgo color equals choosing to forgo everything and anything besides what is truly essential. And Paul Newman is my absolute favorite classic actor. In addition to being a great actor, blue-eyed, and devastatingly good-looking, his devotion to his wife and family and to the various charities he helped establish make him even more awesome. 

Have a great weekend!


  1. Paul Newman is one of my favorites and I love that picture. Endurance to envy,I love his line why go out for hamburger when I got a steak at home?

  2. Also your blog is awesome and you should share it with the world


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