Monday, May 6, 2013

back to black

back to black


I have a long-time love affair with black, a love affair that shows no signs of ending any time soon. I love its versatility, its timelessness, and its mystery. The right little black anything always feels fresh. 

Black is definitely the most represented color in my closet. At last count, I own 12 pairs of black shoes. I have a nice little pile of black t-shirts - perfect for all the times "I don't know what/have anything to wear". But, funny enough, I own just two black bags: one evening minaudière and one semi-structured satchel (okay, I own four, but two of them are work/travel totes). Maybe it's because I vowed in the past I would never buy anything black again, but I honestly think it's because I don't know if I've found the perfect one yet (at least, not the perfect one that I can currently afford...I'm pretty sure the 2.55 and the Cabas Chyc are perfect). 

Black is so simple and ubiquitous that sometimes settling for less than perfect makes the bag/dress/shoe go from classic to boring in a heartbeat. But I've re-devoted myself to the impossible search, and found some options. For under $400, the Coach and Zara bags are a great deal for the quality and style (I have the dark brown version of the shopper, and it looks and feels more expensive than $150). For under $850, the Pashli and the Prisma are two solid options. I love the reinforced corners of the Wang and the functional zippers of the Lim - black with a little edge. If we're talking about breaking the bank, the silver hardware 2.55 is pretty much tops when it comes to black bags. I think the silver hardens up a pretty conservative purse and makes it more versatile for a variety of events/lifestyles. I'm also really intrigued by the Cabas Chyc from Saint Laurent Paris. I love the iconic but minimal hardware, the practical but chic shape, and the multiple options for wear (top handle, shoulder, crossbody). I think I'm going to hold out for one of these two, even if that takes awhile. Because if there ever was a time to invest in a bag, for me it would be a black one. 

I don't know why I've resisted for so long, but it's official: I'm going back to black. 


  1. Your picks would have been my exact picks too by budget vs luxe. And I completely agree if you investing in one great bag - go for black.

    Red Soles and Red Wine

    1. I was thinking of your fantastic leopard Prisma when writing this post! Do the straps hold up well? That was my one concern since they're so skinny - great aesthetically, but how about functionally? Your work trip seemed successful and filled with so much yummy jewelry! Welcome back!


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