Thursday, May 2, 2013

closet organization

I recently re-organized my closet (that's my half you're seeing), both to edit my wardrobe and to give my guy a better percentage of our closet real estate. In terms of hanging and shelf space, we're close to a 55/45 division. The division of the lower half, aka shoe space, is a different story. There, it's more like 70/30.

We recently invested in slim-line hangers, and now I'm wondering what took us so long in the first place. Even James conceded that they did a much better job of hanging our clothes compactly. After initially planning on purchasing them from The Container Store, we lucked out when they were being sold at our Costco for $8 per box of 35. 

I store my sweaters in sweater boxes from The Container Store. Now that it's spring, they've moved up to the highest shelves along with the blue and white basket that holds my tights for out-of-season storage.

I pile my khakis, jeans, skirts (casual and seasonal), and shorts on the middle shelves. 

I hang my tops by type from left to right: camis, tanks, short sleeved solid t-shirts, short sleeved printed t-shirts, short-sleeved blouses, 3/4 sleeve shirts,  long-sleeve shirts, button downs, lighter cardigans, sweatshirts, and lastly, vests/sleeveless trenches.

I store most of my smaller purses (I have around 6) in their dust bags in the butterfly box I found at TJ Maxx. My bigger bags are to the left and right of the box, and they're all on the top shelf. My clutches are stored in the tan and white box directly below my khakis/jeans shelf.

My shoes are also grouped by type and to a certain extent, color. I keep all of my black heels together, followed by heels in different colors and prints. Sandals and wedges are on the top shelf of the second rack. My flats fill up the rest on the bottom, and my boots are lined up on the floor and to the right. The shoes still in shoe boxes are recent purchases that I'm still contemplating on keeping or haven't worn yet. Right now, the boxes are serving as shelving for flat summer sandals. In the future, I'd like to get some cubby drawers to better organize my shoes, but this will work for now.

My dresses are hung on the other side of the closet next to James' suit jackets because that was the only shelf that was high enough to keep them off the floor (the 5% of encroachment into his half). Everything else (socks, workout gear, pajamas, etc.) goes into the bottom two drawers of our dresser (James gets the top two).

How do you organize your closet?


  1. I'd quibble and say it's closer to 60/40, when it was 75/25 before ;) but you have done an impeccable job as always

  2. WOW! Great job! It looks so organized! Can you come clean my closet too? hehehe :) I've been procrastinating for months


    1. This is obviously on a good, photogenic day. ;). I have been known to have clothes on the floor when life is too busy to care about closets.

  3. My closet is not organized very well. I mean, I try, but I have more things than will ever realistically fit, so the result is that half of it is all over my room. Mostly on hooks. That is my new thing - I've got about nine door hooks and four more command hooks in the closet. It's kind of ridiculous but at least stuff gets off my bed, chair and desk.

    Chic on the Cheap

    1. Hooks are the best! I hang some of my jewelry on them, and my scarves, too, until they got to be too many!


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