Tuesday, May 7, 2013

current obsessions

A new feature on the blog: a quick roundup of everything I'm currently loving. 

I didn't mean for it to be so makeup-centric, but I guess I've just been inspired by the beautiful weather around here lately to play around with makeup. 

This blush looks scary and intense in the pan, but with the right brush and a light touch, it blends beautifully to the perfect peachy cheek. Now that I know it's blendable, I'm tempted to get the other color in the NARS x Pierre Hardy collection: Boys Don't Cry, a beautiful flushed pink. If you've been eyeing it, keep in mind that it's much bigger than the regular NARS blushes (0.45 oz. vs. 0.28 oz.), which explains the much bigger price ($41 vs. $29). It originally came with a gold overlay in a geometric pattern all over the pan, but I've already wiped some of it away with use.

I've been looking forever for a bronzer that would give me enough of an effect on my relatively dark skin. This one from D&G was a splurge during the Sephora friends and family sale, and it's given me just the right amount of contouring and color. I don't think it will work for me when I get darker as the weather gets warmer (I get about 4 shades darker than what I am now), but until then, this has been wonderful. I got it in the shade "bronze 40". The packaging is beautiful and luxurious, coming with its own velvet pouch and gold-handled compact brush that fits in the pouch's front pocket.

 I'm really digging this cobalt blue and silvery/gold glitter mani combo. I used these colors this weekend, and I can't stop looking at my nails.

This lipgloss is a recently re-discovered oldie but goodie. It's the perfect coral (#165 volupte), and the formula is not too sticky. I got this mascara as a sample, and it's become a fast favorite. It really extends my lashes and gives me an open-eyed look for when I'm looking half-asleep, either by itself or layered with my other favorite mascara. While I don't have really bad undereye circles, this concealer has been great for some touch-ups on my face after a particularly hard week when I need a little help. It's creamy and blends seamlessly, and I like that it comes in an easy-to-transport tube.

Lastly, I've been wearing this necklace nonstop. It's delicate while still giving enough of a sparkle. It's no fuss glam, which is what I've been needing as the past few weeks at work have been grueling.

What are your current obsessions? Do share!

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  1. Such a pretty necklace and whoever photographed it did a great job!


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