Thursday, May 16, 2013

currently eyeing: zara

currently eyeing: zara


You know the saying 'when it rains, it pours'? That's how I feel about Zara right now. There are seasons where I'm ambivalent about everything Zara's offering - I don't love anything, everything is just okay, so I end up passing. Then there are seasons like this one, where it seems I want everything. I've already bought more shoes from Zara in the past two months (5) than I have in the past two years from them. Granted, this downpour of offerings from Zara has coincided with my biennial replacement of sandals, but still. It's rare that I shop this heavily from one brand in a compressed amount of time. And, as evidenced by this post, the rain hasn't stopped. This collage of 11 pieces is me narrowing down my cart. They all certainly won't end up in my closet, but I'm thinking 2-4 more pieces are coming home with me. I'm heavily eyeing these silver heels (did I mention they come in white, too?) and these tan sandals

Have you been eyeing Zara lately? Eyeing any of the above? If so, which would you choose?

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