Thursday, May 16, 2013

recent purchases

recent purchases


New additions to my closet, purchased within the last two weeks. I don't usually buy two pairs of the same shoe. I originally purchased these sandals in black to replace an older pair that was on its last thread. I went back for the nude to serve as my bridesmaid shoes for my best friend from high school's wedding next month. I think they'll go really well with our peachy/coral chiffon grecian gowns. Since all of the bridesmaids are tall and lanky Lithuanians except for me, I need all the height I can get, and at 4", this pair is at the highest I want to go without all-out sacrificing comfort. I loved this necklace the moment I saw it, and James did, too - so much so that he bought it for me as a "just because" gift. It was super sweet of him and made me love it even more. With two discounts combined and free shipping, it came to $38 and change.

sandals :: nail polish :: necklace :: dress

What are your recent purchases?

Update: I ended up returning both J.Crew bags from my last "recent purchases" post.

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