Wednesday, May 29, 2013

currently loving: may

currently loving: may


I've always been a fan of other bloggers doing a regular roundup of their current favorites, and I'd like to start doing that regularly on this blog. As I try to be more selective of what I add to my closet, it's easy to focus on the bad purchases. While this isn't a bad thing in and of itself (I'm learning not to repeat said bad purchases), it gets to be a downer if you don't take into account the good purchases. 

So staring with the past month, these were my favorite good guys:

Dolce & Gabbana light blue. An oldie but a goodie. Now that the weather is warming up, I've returned to my perennial spring/summer favorite. I've worn this scent for years and years. I know it's fairly ubiquitous, but I've yet to find another scent that I like more.

Clarins Instant Light Lip Perfector in #06. The perfect, barely there nude lip balm/gloss hybrid. With just the slightest hint of shimmer, it makes my lips look just right. I don't know how it does it, but I'm sold.

Donna Karan Woman.  I received a deluxe sample of this perfume, and I was immediately intrigued. The scent is unabashedly womanly. Not delicate, not sweet, but sensual and female. I like to use just a little on my wrists and behind my ears. The past few days have been rainy and gloomy, and I've found that this scent stands up to it and gives me a little pick-me-up. 

NARS x Pierre Hardy in Rotonde. My new favorite blush. NARS is one of my favorite makeup brands, for a variety of reasons, one of which is the company's dedication to creating makeup shades for a very wide range of skin tones. This blush is easy to blend and easy to layer. When other blushes have either not shown up on my skin tone because of lack of pigmentation or have had the color but have been impossible to blend, this one is so easy to use and so beautiful. 

Old Navy boyfriend khakis. I bought these khakis in the coral red, promptly fell in love with the softness and fit, and proceeded to buy the army green, black, white, and kelly green pairs. 5 pairs later, I'm seriously tempted to get more colors...they're that good. Old Navy is often hit or miss when it comes to quality...these are a definite hit.

Zara white and nude sandals. I've worn these babies with everything - with jeans, with skirts, with a sundress to my sister's graduation. Perfect whether dressed up or dressed down. The thicker heel makes them comfy and suitable for all day wear - I wear them for 6 hours with no pain (and only a tolerable ache in my arches after 8+ hours). Worth the $49.90 + tax I paid for them.

Coach Penny and Longchamp Le Pliage Cabas. I've alternated between these two bags for the past month: the Penny for the weekend and the Longchamp for the workweek. The small size of the Penny forces me to just carry the basics - phone, keys, cash/cards, and lipgloss. On the weekend, what more do you really need? The Longchamp has been a workhorse. I owned the shopping long-handled version of Longchamp's famous totes in college and used it to death over the course of 3 years. Now that I don't have textbooks to carry, I prefer the more streamlined shape of the Cabas (short handles, open body with no zipper). This shape is discontinued (boo!), but they're on eBay fairly regularly. Just do a saved search and you'll be updated about the available options. Like other foldable Le Pliage bags, the Cabas lacks structure on the bottom, so I ordered a base shaper via eBay to help the bag keep its shape. 

What are you currently loving?


  1. I agree - it's nice to focus on the good buys, not the bad (of which we are all super guilty of).
    Love those zara sandals and the green bag. so, classic and cute.
    Chic on the Cheap

  2. I like the red khaki's and the smell of light blue on you, always have, always will. Nothing bad about solid and dependable (it's the backbone of men's clothing).


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