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My best friend's wedding is right around the corner. While I have made arrangements for alterations for my bridesmaid's dress, bought a wedding present and a bridal  present, and finalized plans for the bachelorette party, I have yet to find a clutch for the big day. I'd like it to be versatile: perfect for this wedding but for other events in the future as well, to get the most bang for my buck. I'd also like it to be a style I like (the higher the chance I'll wear it again) and be large enough to hold the essentials: my phone, cash/credit cards, a small mirror, a piece of gum, and lipstick/lipgloss. Clearly this heart clutch won't come close to holding everything I want, but isn't it adorable? Plus, what event is more appropriate than a wedding to wear a heart-shaped clutch to? Realistically though, I'm leaning towards this gold mesh one or this floral one.They would both complement my coral/peach dress. 

Which would you pick?

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  1. hmm... I'm actually leaning towards one of the floral ones! I suppose you can't go wrong. The floral ones just look so pretty and can go with any other spring/summer outfit too!! You'll look lovely regardless!

    Sunny with a side of...


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