Monday, April 29, 2013

recent purchases: j. crew

recent purchases:j. crew


I shop quite a lot at J.Crew, but I always try to exercise some restraint. They design and carry beautiful things, things that are often out of my price range, so restraint is always a good idea. I rarely buy anything full price - I often stockpile my virtual shopping cart with what catches my eye and check back every now and then to see if anything's gone on sale. Sometimes things don't make it sale and I lose out, but waiting things out is good for my bank account and my closet (less impulse buys). When J.Crew throws a great sale (no minimum, minimal exclusions), however, and it's been months of restraint on my part, I'm all in (plus it's not really full-price, right, if there's a promo?).This past weekend during J.Crew's 25% (30% off for cardmembers) sale, I indulged in pieces that I'd been eyeing but hadn't yet pulled the trigger (restraint, I tell you!). 

I think one can never have too many striped shirts (James vehemently disagrees). I bought this shirt in two colorways, the classic navy and white & the gold and white for a little dose of glitz. I also desperately needed a pair of nude shoes that could easily be dressed up or down. These wedges fit the bill. The heel gives just enough height to stay chic while being completely practical for all-day wear. I also had this purse in my cart. It can be worn on the shoulder or crossbody, and I like that it's understated and simple. I originally had my heart set on the red since I had been searching for a red bag, but the timelessness of the navy also called out to me. In the end, I bought the navy in store and ordered the red online to compare the two. I was a little skeptical of these loafers online - I wasn't sure how the bead stitching actually looked or if it was done well, and I wasn't sure how it would look on my short but wide foot. Loafers tend to be comically long on me since I have to size up half a size usually. These were snug in my regular 7 1/2 upon first trying them on, but they started to give after only a couple of minutes of me trying them on. Like the gold striped shirt, they're classic but with just the right amount of fun to keep them from being staid. And lastly, I bought this wallet after finding it in the sale section for $12.99 pre-discount. I had wanted one of these for awhile to hold some of my extra cards since it holds a lot but wouldn't take up too much room, but I never wanted to pay the regular $22.50 for it. After finding it in calf hair and for such a great price, it finally came home with me.

Now, do tell: Did you buy anything during the J.Crew sale? Which color would you pick: red or blue?

Psst! If you have been eyeing something at J.Crew, the 25% off sale continues through May 3. Use the code springbest.


  1. I think you did a great job showing restraint considering how awesome you find everything there.

  2. I went into jcrew, but didn't get anything. While I adore their pieces, I either have to be completely smitten or it has to be a really, really good sale.
    I think the red bag is a good choice for summer, it will be nice to have a bright little pop of color, and it already looks great with both your striped shirts.
    Chic on the Cheap

    1. I'm leaning towards the red as well, but will definitely make a conscious effort to evaluate both. At most, I'm keeping one, and if neither is what I'm exactly looking for, they'll both go back.

      Happy Wednesday!


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