Thursday, April 4, 2013

couch surfing

I've been itching to update our update for the past few months. The first room I'd like to upgrade is our living room. In our one bedroom apartment, more than half of our space is our kitchen/living room combination. Because it takes up so much room and because we spend most of the time at home either cooking or watching tv or both, it's become the most used space in our home. Right now, we're making do with a pair of IKEA chairs, a small IKEA loveseat that doubles as a pull-out bed for visiting friends, our entertainment center, a coffee table, and our bar/hutch.

First up on my list of wished-for updates is a better sofa. A large, comfy, makes-you-want-to-curl-up-all-day-kind of sofa. I'd like it to be a piece that reflects both of our design sensibilities - I favor the clean, strong lines of modern and art deco styles, and James favors mid-century modern. Lucky for us, these styles can and do work really well together with some thought. It helps as well that James and I agree almost completely on our ideal color palette: black, white, and shades of grey with pops of blue and wood to keep the place from being too sterile. Modern and clean, but warm and welcoming. It'll be awhile before our living room looks like the one above (seriously, LOVE), but one thing at a time...starting with that sofa, preferably in an inviting shade of grey.

Some styles that I would love to have in our living room:

Stay tuned...hopefully by summer, we'll have a new sofa on our hands.

What design style/aesthetic do you favor?

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  1. That will be the template for future living room.

    1. You always agree with me in theory, but when we're actually picking furniture out, we're on different pages! :)


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