Wednesday, April 10, 2013

rain, rain...

umbrellas galore


It is pouring in Chicago today, and the one block walk I took to get from my car to my office had me so grateful that I had an anorak and an umbrella with me (I have two umbrellas, one of which resides permanently in my car for the inevitable day that starts out blindingly sunny and devolves into a full-blown tropical storm). Other people commuting to work were not as lucky to have an umbrella handy (my guy included), so in case you were in the market for a new are some (fun/pretty/sartorially-approved) practical options. I've actually been looking out for a larger umbrella since the two I own are the short-handled variety... #6 is definitely up my alley (red! stripes! would keep me from getting wet!).

Which would you choose? 

one//two//three (currently sold out)
four (modcloth has tons of other options as well)//five//six

seven (comes in other colors, too)//eight//nine


  1. I like the first polka-dot one! Actually, they're all pretty cute. It's raining in Chicago now? That stinks! We were just in Chicago 2 weeks ago and it was like 60 degrees out, gorgeous and sunny :) Midwest weather I tell ya..

    HAve a good week!
    Sunny with a side of...

    1. Ah, I remember that week fondly, too! ;). Yeah, it's grey and wet here currently, with a chance of snow/rain tomorrow. :(.

      Wishing you a great week as well!


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