Friday, April 19, 2013

this weekend

What I would give to be in that room right now... ;). Since a vacation is out of the question, I'll just have to make do with some coffee and a good book instead.

Some things to check out this weekend:

I'm dying to do this DIY

My inner grammar nazi cheered when I read this.

This looks sooo good. Must make asap.

Keep standing with Boston. Call your loved ones who are over there, if you have any, and if you can, donate. Every little bit helps.
I'd be remiss to not say this in light of recent events (but really, this should be something we do every day): let's all hug our loved ones a little tighter, say 'I love you' a little more often, forgive a little quicker, and be a little bit more thankful for all we're blessed with. Life can change in an instant.

Have a safe and lovely weekend.

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