Thursday, April 25, 2013

shoe lessons

Looking at the picture above brings out two conflicting emotions in me: a good amount of embarrassment and an even bigger amount of happiness. I'm embarrassed because of the amount of sheer effort I put into finding these two pairs of shoes, but I'm so happy that I found them that the embarrassment is effectively negated. Since they're both J. Crew, I think it's appropriate to call them my long-searched-for shiny ponies (thank you, Jenna Lyons). 

The sandals were originally from Summer 2011, and I searched high and low for them long after they sold out. I did manage to find some on eBay every now and then but for ridiculous prices. Over a year into the search, I finally found them through another blogger's shop - worn once, in my size, and for almost exactly what they would have cost me had I paid retail + tax. 

The leopard pumps are more recent (this year) but like the sandals, promptly sold out. Every once in a while, a pair or two would pop up in my local store, only to have them be a half size too small or too big. Last Sunday, there was a pair in the store I was browsing through. I turned the shoe over only to find that it was again a half size too big at a size 8 1/2. Resigning myself to the fact that I should give up the search yet hoping that there was the slightest chance that the 8 1/2 would fit since they were pointy toe and narrow, I tried them on. And lo and behold, they fit. I have never been as thankful for my wide feet as I was last Sunday.

Shoe lessons learned: wide feet can sometimes be a blessing, persistence sometimes pays off, other bloggers are amazing, and pretty shoes from J. Crew sell out quickly, so buy them quicker. 

But if I had bought them the first time around, I don't know if I'd be as happy as I am now after the odyssey we've been through. 

What's your story about the pair(s) that (almost) got away?


  1. I like the leopard print shoes. Ive been looking for one but they all look extreme. This one's perfect!

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  2. I love the way you have done your photo shots, great pics of the shoes! Love it if you could check out my blog too! xx


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