Thursday, April 18, 2013

rainy day cravings

Rain, rain, and more rain = Chicago the past two weeks. Don't get me wrong - I actually love rain. I love the way the grass smells after a light rain; I love watching rain pour down as thunder booms and lightning flashes. Rain(storms) suit me perfectly because they go so well with coffee, crumb cake, and a good read - all things I love. But when all you want is spring and green and signs of life, nonstop rain is a little depressing...especially when you can't stay in and snuggle under the covers all day. Also, rain makes me have cravings...for all things warm, cozy, and delightful (and often calorie-laden). 

I'm dreaming of these:

 .:. blueberry streusel cake .:.

.:. strawberry cream cheese croissants .:.

.:. hot chocolate .:.

 .:. a comfy bed .:.

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  1. We will cuddle and have coffee later today! and I can get you crossaints right now!

  2. Agree with it all Hes! I'm so tired of this weather though - I need some sun soon.

    Red Soles and Red Wine

    1. You and me both! It makes dressing appropriately yet stylishly almost impossible...


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