Monday, April 22, 2013

little luxuries

In the everyday hustle and bustle of things, it's easy to get lost in all the problems - the traffic is bad, the weather is lousy, you woke up with a pimple, you're having a bad hair day (or week), etc., etc. Whenever I find myself starting to get too obsessed with the negatives, I make it a point to stop, take a breath, and start dwelling on everything that is positive. I call them 'little luxuries'. They may seem like small, inconsequential things, but as with a lot of things, good things come in small packages.

one: a coffee break. whether it's homemade or grabbed from the Starbucks, caffeine almost always does the trick for me. 

two: candles. I'm a scent type of person. whenever I catch a whiff of something that smells good - cookies, my perfume on my scarf, etc. - I feel better. why not have that experience whenever you want by lighting a candle of your favorite scent? (my favorite candles are verveine and mimosa, both from diptyque.)

three: flowers. getting a great big bouquet is always nice, but I find that small bunches of whatever flower is in bloom or looks the cheeriest is just as nice.

four: lipstick. many, many crappy days have been salvaged by the purchase of a little tube of lipstick. it doesn't need to be expensive, just something that makes you feel whatever you need to feel at the moment - beautiful, happy, invincible, or elegant.

five: music. I tend to play music that matches my mood. when I'm pensive and moody, I like to put on Bach, especially Moonlight Sonata. when I'm coming up to the hardest part of my cardio workout, I turn my iPod on to my current get-through-the-worst-part anthems: either Lose Yourself  by Eminem (still a classic!) or Another One Bites the Dust by Queen (because I don't want to be 'another one'). 

six: humor. find something funny - a tv show, a meme, a joke you had with a friend at the party last week. laughter is a great medicine, maybe the best.

seven: get lost in a good book. it's literally (ha!) an escape.

eight: poached eggs. are. amazing. I swear they're one of life's most amazing gifts.

nine: perfume. I may never afford that Dolce & Gabbana leopard print anything but I can smell like the woman who would be rocking D&G leopard print everything. scent is personal; it's an attitude. let it change yours when you need it most. (oh, and an organized vanity is a little luxury, too.)

What are your little luxuries? Have a great Monday!

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  1. Such a cute post! Love the little luxuries we take for granted. Poached eggs are the best =)

    Suzie Q

    1. Poached eggs ARE the best...they would definitely have to be on my "last supper" list.

  2. great look!

    1. Thanks...and thanks for stopping by!

  3. really love this amazing picturos of those beautiful red lipss
    so so cool!

    1. I was struck by how amazing they were when I saw them on pinterest...if only my lips look like that when I'm sporting a red lip!


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